Seduction Mastery

 Learn the art of navigating power dynamics from a Professional Dominatrix

A course for women who desire to develop their seductive powers.

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About the course

The secret recipe revealed

Acquire knowledge and skills that will allow you to: 

  • Enter any conversation with unwavering confidence.
  • Be a fierce and successful competitor in your business field.
  • Master the art of persuasion to employ at your advantage in any situation.
  • Demystify the limitations keeping you from playing full out.
  • Develop an irresistible erotic energy.
  • Grow a Mistress mindset.
  • Maneuver the various profiles of seduction.
  • Enter any room like you own it. 
  • Be a playful predator that can make anyone fall under your spell.

It will blow your mind!

Learn to effectively hold the dominant position in any given circumstance.



Mistress Malissia

  • Wordclass Dominatrix
  • Kink and BDSM mentor
  • Fempowerment Coach
  • Event Organizer

Mistress Malissia is a Professional Dominatrix who has traveled and worked around the globe, created a successful 6 figure business and is now on a mission to share her experience, knowledge, and skills acquired through the years to empower women.

Malissia is before and foremost passionate about the human mind and how it relates to power dynamics in all spheres of life. There is always an exchange of power, whether it is conscious or not, controlled or not. 

Through her career, she has demystified, mastered, and applied the art and power of seduction in private and public contexts. The course was created in a clear and concise manner and the framework developed to be easily integrated by anyone.


This course is for the woman who...

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  • Is ready to be a leader that people listen to and desire to follow.
  • Is hungry to learn about power and how to hold and maintain it.
  • Is ready to take more space, be heard when she speaks and get what she wants, unapologetically.
  • Is brave enough to be vulnerable and put her ego aside, get out of her comfort zone and deepen her knowledge about herself.
  • Desires to unleash her wildest side and become irresistible.
  • Is excited to develop the capacity to read human behaviour and use it to her advantage.
  • Understands that true female power requires women walking shoulder to shoulder, collaborating and not competing.



Feminine Power & Sexuality


Behind every Seductress reigns a remarkable feminine power, residing in undeniable confidence. This superpower is first cultivated in your intimacy, so it can then be brought to daylight. In this chapter, you will:

  • Uncover what are the main blocks and limitations that hold women back from exercising their full potential.
  • Grow a Mistress Mindset. 
  • Acquire competences to tap into your divine feminine essence to exude confidence and strength effortlessly.
  • Learn how to embody and nourish your inner Goddess in a way that will make you magnetic and irresistible to anyone that crosses your path.
  • Develop a deep understanding of conscious boundaries and high standards that will hold you grounded in your power.

The qualities and strengths of a Seductress


In this class, we will discuss the various profiles of a Seductress and how to recognize and use them to your advantage. You will learn:

  • About the archetypes of the Femme Fatale, the Dominatrix, as well as the Subtle-Seductress and the Anti-Seductress.
  • How to use your femininity and sensuality to create a magnetic aura.
  • To unlock the abilities of your reticular activating system.
  • The ways in which the Laws of Attraction and Vibration play a role.
  • The many ways you can stir up curiosity and desire.

Tools and techniques to lead in power dynamics


In every interaction, there is one person dominating and one submitting, but most of the time this happens unconsciously. The Seductress knows how to direct the talk to lead it where she wants. In this class we will cover:

  • How to identify your target's weak spots.
  • Read and control body language.
  • The energetics that influence power dynamics.
  • Mastering the chase: how to create desire and uncertainty.

Mind Control


Throughout history, the art and power of seduction has taken many forms, but at the core it is all about the psyche. In this class, you will learn about:

  • The psychology and science behind seduction.
  • How to plant seeds in someone's brain using the inception technique.
  • Communication skills that will make your deep desires desirable to others too.
  • The differences between manipulation and seduction.
  • The formula behind temptation, insinuations and persuasion.

The Tease Formula


The last class is about movie scenes analysis, so you can see how seduction plays out. You will:

  • Watch famous Femme Fatale scenes portraying elements we have covered.
  • Analyze what you observe and identify the different profiles of Seductresses and how they put their craft into practice.

Why this course is so important

  • Women have been conditioned to be at the end of the leash, to be passive, compliant, quiet, not take too much space... to be preys. In this course, we deconstruct what holds you back and teach you how to take control; become the predator.
  • Power dynamics are in everything: in selling, in negotiating, in conversations, in flirting, etc. Whether you lead or follow, it should always come from conscious choice and not be accidental, leaving you always at the mercy of the other. 
  • Needless to say that most women have learned to play small because being the top dog has never been celebrated or rewarded. Quite the opposite. In this course, you will acquire the ability to move from being the chess piece to being the chess player.
  • You are fascinated by other women who radiate power, confidence, sex appeal, being inspired by them, but not knowing what exactly it is they are doing. In this course, all secrets are revealed with strategies that can easily be integrated.
  • Society trains women to be damsels in distress, waiting for someone or something else to take action. But if you are here, it is because you want, and are ready, to be the one who runs the show and calls the shots.
Step into your feminine power

Seduction Mastery


1st Edition


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