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Before anything, I am an artist and a Visionary.
I am also a former Professional Dominatrix who now decided to solely devote myself to work with trailblazing women who are ready to make bold moves in their life and business. My expertise is in leading women to envision the many ways they can create the most aligned, and badass business and brand, so that their true potential can shine, which inevitably brings more pleasure, profit and purpose in their life!

It is about building something different, infused with your unique essence.

Whether you have taken one of my courses, joined one of my programs or are part of the Mistress Mindset community, the one on one mentoring is about YOU only

If you desire my undivided attention, so we can really focus on what YOU want or need to work on specifically, this call will be a game changer for you. 

Whether you are a Professional or Lifestyle Mistress, a couple who wants to spice up your intimacy, or a woman who desires to uplevel her life and business, I am all about innovation, expansion and elevation! 

This is your opportunity to receive Personal Guidance from me.



It does not matter WHAT you want or WHERE you are headed on your journey,
my role is to help you with the HOW: How to get there.



1:1 Mentoring with Mistress Malissia 

The Art, Psychology & Business of FEMDOM

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Learning with 
Mistress Malissia

Former Professional Dominatrix who has trained under numerous Mistresses, worked around the globe and the Founder of the Dominatrix Academy, Malissia is now dedicated to lead women on their path to power with personalized guidance.

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