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Playing with Dark Tantra

From safety to surrender

From the outside, BDSM has the reputation of being a hardcore and extreme way of exploring our sexuality. 

But once you get closer, you realize that given this type of play is rooted in the principles of SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) or RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), it actually allows all players involved to feel in trust exploring their limits, within a predetermined perimeter of play. 

Before play begins, there is always negotiation taking place, building trust and safety, allowing the Domme and the sub to be ''on the same page'' regarding the scene they are entering together.

The more we feel safe, the easier it is to surrender into bliss.



The spiritual binds 

BDSM offers a unique opportunity to explore the edges of our Being through the same route that we explore our spirituality. Through rites, rituals, intentional actions and mindfulness.

There are endless ways to reach an altered state of consciousness, transcending our humanness when engaging in intimate play with a tantric approach.

Exploring the depth of the Dominant and submissive roles through a meaningful dynamic, can translate into discovering new parts of ourselves that were previously hidden in the shadows of our unconscious mind. 

BDSM can bring to light what has been kept in the dark.


The enforced stillness that allows the submissive to be trapped within their body and mind.


The practice through which the Domme trains the submissive through meaningful and repeated rituals.


Experiencing transcendence through the implementing of pain (physically or psychologically).


The edges of the body and mind can be explored through the receiving of pleasurable and desired pain.

It is what we keep hidden that holds most power over us.

- Mistress Malissia



The idea of sacrifice is rooted in the intention of letting go of something meaningful (self-pleasure) for a greater purpose (the pleasure of the Dominant).

Through a series of sacrifices, or an ordeal, the submissive gets to earn their place next to their Mistress. 

You will learn the benefits of such practices and how to implement them to get the best outcome, while guiding your sub to reach the most blissful subspace.



Through the exploring of various identities, the submissive gets to experience different sides of himself, outside of the mold and constraints that usually force him into a predetermined role.

Whether it is through being turned into a gimp, a puppy, a sissy maid, a servant, or anything in between and beyond, you will learn how to lead your submissive into a sense of liberation through role play.



In the FemDom realm, there is an apparent hierarchy that takes place, where the woman is elevated to the status of Goddess and the submissive gets to be of service to Her.

We will dive into the different devotional practices you can teach your submissive to build a dynamic that leaves you both feeling exquisitely valued in your respective roles.

About this course

Through my career as a Professional Dominatrix, I had the privilege to see the darkest desires of my clients come to the surface as I was able to hold space and lead them into expressing them. 

What I came to realize is that the more they brought to the conscious what was held in their unconscious, the more liberated and empowered they felt. 

It is through my journey in the BDSM realm that I tapped into my spirituality for the first time. The more I was playing, the more I was making connections between the beauty and depth of this world, underneath all the misconceptions that are portrayed into the media.

There is an inherent need for humans to explore their boundaries and to experience their bodies through the stimulation of their most sexual organ: the brain. 

BDSM is 99% psychological and therefore, when we attribute meaning and intention to the acts we partake in, it allows us to tap into a higher power through the playful and consensual power exchange we are engaging in.

This course will offer you the opportunity to discover how closely connected Kink and Spirituality can be, at the intersection of power, pain and pleasure.

The liminal space between fear and excitement

There is always a moment of fear that takes place when we engage with BDSM. It is part of the thrill that is being sought.
It can happen prior to the session, through the anticipation of what the Mistress has prepared, or during play when the submissive has already given in, and now gets to receive what they so deeply desire.
True fear is never really at play, as BDSM is rooted in safety, consent, trust and ongoing communication. But the anticipation of pain, the expectation of heavy sensations, the apprehension of having a side that is well hidden be exposed and to be overwhelmed by shame, are all factors at play that turn into a release of adrenaline.


That is what I love igniting.

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