The Rise of the Sovereign Woman

Divine Domme





DDA is a journey built for women to EXPERIENCE the Mistress that lives within them; their Divine Domme.

It is not a mere class, it is a unique experience, an event, curated to activate you, to give you a real taste of what being a Mistress in your life feels like.


Dear Trailblazing Women,


For centuries women have been confined within societal constraints, their roles scripted by boundaries that dictated subservience and limited their rights. Bound by expectations and norms, it was nearly impossible to pursue their desires, to speak up, to find fulfillment in their intimacy or empowerment in their lives. 

As a collective, we have been conditioned to believe that womanhood is symbolic of weakness. Which has lead women to grow up disconnected from their bodies, in doubt of their abilities, in mistrust of their intuition, and in fear of their power. 

In the contemporary tapestry of human progress, a transformative shift has occurred. Today, we navigate a landscape vastly different from the one that once confined us. 

We now have freedom and access to limitless information and opportunities that allow us to explore the depth of our power.

And it is our responsibility and privilege to break free from the unconscious programming that still limits us, so we can live a life of abundant and boundless pleasure.

After years of playing in the web of the erotic, guiding men in the exploration of their fantasies, I created an experience for women to also bring their desires to reality.. by learning how to use and play with their innate power. 

So, in 2021 I launched the first Edition of my Signature Program DIVINE DOMME Awakening. And the impact it had on women's lives was phenomenal! Which is why I decided to offer it every year as an integral part of my work. It is a program that will truly upgrade your life... but only as a result of how much you will expand and elevate within yourself.

Ladies, I want to invite you to join me on a groundbreaking 8-week journey that I meticulously designed to guide you towards absolute sovereignty over the 3 taboo areas that have been denied to women for centuries: Power, Sex and Money

Through my career as a Professional Dominatrix, I was immersed in the realm of the taboo, exploring the edges of power through D/s dynamics, learning how to juggle with large sums of money and dive into the depths of human sexuality.

These areas I have bathed in for years and truly believe that once you develop skills to talk about, play with and hold sovereignty over them, your power becomes boundless.

Imagine what would change if you committed to no longer hold back or play small... what if you discovered a version of you that rules like a Queen? 

This 3rd EDITION will be extremely fun while also boundary-defying! It will allow you to be immersed in the sacred process of self-discovery, so you can unravel the layers that conceal your inner Mistress—your authentic authority. Or as I call it, your Divine Domme. You will learn to SPEAK UP and SHOW UP like a QUEEN.

I want you to visualize the boldest version of you, radiating the feminine aura of a Goddess while also leading with the energy of a Boss... What if SHE was awakened?


She is ready.

Now the question is: Is 2024 ready for HER?


It will be my honour  to walk on this path with you,

Malissia xx


We start on January 24, 2024 .